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    Dive Sites

    With almost 100 miles of the barrier reef, several big channels, and lagoon sites, there is one of everything here to explore.
    Use the Site List to learn more abount a particular dive site.

    Aliko Reef

    A mini-wall from 20 – 50 ft. (6 – 15 M) with a broad coral plateau tapering off to the depths. You’ll find a great variety of hard corals on the walls and plateau. Some areas have large formations of bright green Cabbage Patch coral.

    Big Bend

    This dive usually starts about 200 meters north of the Big Bend and lets the gentle prevailing southerly current (approx. 1/2 kt) carry you towards Cabbage Patch. However, be watching out for short counter currents in the area of the Bend.

    Buena Vista

    A combination slope and wall to 80 ft. (25 M) then a gentle slope to the bottom. There are several large canyons on the walls. Usually done as a gentle southerly drift dive (approx. 1/2 kt) but watch for the counter-currents near the big fissures.

    Cabbage Patch

    A vertical wall to 80 ft. (25 M) then a gentle slope to the bottom. There are several large fissures in the wall that are blanketed in soft leather corals. Usually done as a gentle southerly drift dive (approx. 1/2 kt) but watch for the counter-currents near the big fissures.

    Cherry Blossom Wall

    Vertical walls are very much alive on both sides of Nimpal Inlet. The shallow entrance to the inlet prevents entry by boats seeking a sheltered surface interval. This is one of the few places on Yap’s reef that black coral and deep water sea fans can be found.

    Crescent Reef

    Located in Gabach Channel, Crescent Reef is usually done as a drift dive, either in or out of the channel depending on the tide. A bit deeper than most dives in Yap, the action is excellent, with a large school of black bar barracudas showing up almost every time.

    Eagle’s Nest

    This area just north of Lionfish Wall is somewhat reminiscent of Caribbean dive sites. A small coral bommie called the Eagle’s Nest sitting in about 50 ft. (15 M) of water on a sandy plateau sometimes hosts several Eagle Rays swimming slowly around it.

    End of the Land

    A near-vertical wall from 60′ down to the ocean floor covered with soft Corals and crinoids. The reef terrace above 60′ has a very gentle slope with many bommies & fissures, in addition to numerous hard and soft corals.

    Fan Dancer

    A channel with a sandy bottom and coral walls that push more than 3 miles into the lagoon. The mouth of this channel is a favorite site for night diving due to the active fish life. Additionally, near the bottom of the channel are numerous large sea fans.

    Gapow Reef

    A double wall. The near-vertical wall from 15 to 50 ft (5 – 15 M) sits atop a wide sandy coral reef terrace that very gradually slopes off to 70 ft. (22M) where another vertical wall drops off to the ocean floor.

    Gilmaan Wall

    Vertical wall running northwest from Yap Caverns. Lots of crevices and overhangs. Due to its proximity to the southern tip of the Island, the life on this wall is very prolific filled with SquirrelFish, Snappers, Groupers, and more.

    Goofnuw Mini Wall

    This Goofnuw Mini Wall is located on the south side of the Goofnuw channel which extends much further out than the north side. It is generally done as a drift into the channel with the incoming tide.
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