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    Yap Trench

    • Depth: 30,000 ft | 9000 m
    • Visibility: 100+ ft | 30+ m
    • Current: Open-Water Drift Dive

    The Yap Trench, located a mere 3-5 miles off the coast of Yap and a short boat ride from the resort, is an exceptional deep-sea dive site within the Pacific Ocean. Its depths, plunging over 9,000 meters, create a unique diving environment. As a drift dive, the Yap Trench offers a dynamic experience, with divers carried along by natural underwater currents. This method of diving allows for a diverse exploration of the trench’s ecological wonders.

    Through blackwater diving, Yap Trench reveals a hidden nocturnal ecosystem, seldom observed in other parts of the world. This site thrives with an array of marine life, including squid, octopus, and various fish larvae, illuminated against the backdrop of the ocean’s depths.

    The combination of depth, proximity to the coast, and the drift nature of the dive make the Yap Trench a captivating destination for experienced divers and underwater photographers.

    • Open-water dive site with over 9,000 meters depth.
    • Located just 1-2 miles off the coast of Yap, easily accessible from the resort.
    • Perfect for blackwater diving, offering a glimpse into a rare nocturnal marine world.
    • Home to diverse species such as squid, octopus, various fish larvae, …
    • Ideal for underwater photography due to unique wildlife.
    • Contributes to the understanding of deep-sea ecosystems and marine biodiversity.
    1-800-DIVE-YAP (1-800-348-3927)