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    Fishing Charters

    World-class Fishing
    • Sustainable, catch-and-release
    • Whipping
    • Fly Fishing
    • Trolling
    • Fishing Rates

    We have added a new division of our resort which we call Yap Anglers. For a number of years, we have been asked by guests to offer fishing charters.

    Our specialty is whipping for Giant Trevally off the reefs of Yap. Using a 20-pound test line, these fish offer a good fight and provide for an exciting day.

    Imagine looking over the side of the boat into ink blue water so clear that you can see fish swimming 100 feet below you. Imagine being on a boat 20 yards from the edge of the reef, looking across the turquoise-colored lagoon to the verdant, green tropical island in the background. You cast your lure into the surf breaking on the edge of the reef and then boom – a huge black Giant Trevally comes from the surf line and attacks your wooden bait. The fight is on.

    The fish tries desperately to get into the sharp coral where your line will surely break and you desperately struggle to turn the fish’s head so that you can bring him to the boat. The boat driver knows his stuff so he heads away from the reef into open water. Whatever happens next, you’re in for a long fight. There is no better fighting fish that I know of than a 40 pound Giant Trevally on a 20-pound test line. To land one of these monsters can easily take 30 minutes and more.

    Whole-Boat Daily Charters

    Full Day / Half Day Boat Size Trip Length Price
    Full day fishing 28'/38' boat 8 hours $2,409.00
    1⁄2 day fishing 28'/38' boat 4 hours $1,209.00
    • Fishing is offered any day of the week, mornings or afternoons.
    • Full-day fishing includes lunch and non-alcoholic beverages.
    • Fishing equipment included: driver, gaffer, rods, and lures.

    3 nights/2 days of fishing


    Passengers 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people
    Standard $2,479 $1,469 $1,139 $969
    Ocean $2,529 $1,519 $1,189 $1,019
    Deluxe $2,689 $1,679 $1,349 $1,179

    4 nights/ 3 days of fishing


    Passengers 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people
    Standard $3,559 $2,049 $1,549 $1,289
    Ocean $3,629 $2,119 $1,619 $1,359
    Deluxe $3,819 $2,309 $1,809 $1,549
    Packages Include
    • 3 or 4 night accommodation
    • 2 or 3 full day of fishing (lunch on the boat)
    • Daily breakfast
    • Roundtrip transfer airport resort
    • Free, In-room WiFi
    • Coffee/tea service in room
    • Daily wake-up call
    • Late check-out
    • Room taxes


    The specialty at Yap Anglers is whipping for Giant Trevelly and Bluefin Trevelly. Whipping, sometimes known as casting, involves using a 10-foot fiberglass rod with a Penn 850 Spinning Reel attached to a 30-pound test line and a 4-ounce wooden plug about 6 inches long. The trick is to throw the plug far enough to hit the white water breaking on the reef and then reel like a maniac as fast as you can.

    The Trevelly are very aggressive fish and will actually come out of the water and pounce on top of the plug. Once that happens, the fight is on and the excitement is non-stop until the fish either gets into the coral and breaks the line, or you manage to turn his head and bring him to the boat.

    At Yap Anglers, we only the finest tackle made. Our reels are expertly maintained Penn International Spinning Reels. We use 850’s for the Giant Trevelly and we also have 450’s for light tackle whipping in the sand flats for the Bluefin Trevelly. We use Penn Ugly Sticks in both 8 and 10-foot lengths for the rods with a 30-pound test line on the 850s and a 15-pound test on the 450s.

    We only allow catch and release when we are fishing for the Trevelly. This game fish is very important to our reef ecology and we wish to maintain this resource for future generations. Believe me, you will be just as satisfied seeing the fish swim back down to the coral after a 30-minute fight knowing that he will be there waiting the next time you go out.

    Fishing in Yap is not only rewarding but very relaxing and is a perfect complement to your diving. If interested, please contact Bill Acker for more information or to make reservations.


    At Yap Anglers, we offer fly-fishing, whipping, and trolling. Fly-fishing is new and exciting but you have to enjoy the quiet serenity of the calm mangrove areas as well as the esthetic beauty of the perfect cast. Whipping is exciting, especially when a 30+ pound Giant Trevelly attacks your lure. No doubt about it, each of these types of fishing is exciting and rewarding.

    But nothing compares to sitting comfortably in the shade of our custom boats, drinking a cold beverage and chatting with friends, and then they whine. That distinctive scream of the big Penn International reels as something has come up from the deep attracted by the big colorful lure. Everyone on the boat jumps at once and then the rod is removed from its holder and you are attached to an unknown fish by an 80-pound test line. The suspense of what kind of fish is on the line and how large it is dominates the discussion.

    Big game trolling in the deep blue waters off the coast of Yap is one of the specialties at Yap Anglers. Several of our staff, led by Bill Acker himself, are dedicated fishermen and will be happy to assist you should you choose to spend an afternoon or a week going after the big one. Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Baracuda, Mahi Mahi, and of course Pacific Blue Marlin all abound in the deep waters off Yap.

    Fly Fishing

    “As anglers travel the world in search of ‘the last frontier’, they ignore the islands of Micronesia at their peril. Isolated, off the beaten path, and culturally unique, these islands have some of the last largely unexplored fly fishing waters left in the Pacific. Yap is perhaps the uncut diamond of the bunch. In two weeks of exploration with Bill Acker of Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Anglers, what I saw opened my eyes and will bring me (and my clients) back.

    The key fish for the fly angler inside the reef is the Blue Fin and Giant Trevally, both of which will hit poppers as well as streamers. Blue Fin grows to 20 pounds and Giant Trevally (or ‘GT’s’) exceed the 50-pound mark. While sight fishing is possible, the angling is usually casting poppers over coral heads and stripping them back quickly. The strikes and fights are violent and memorable.

    While there are numerous other reef fish available to fly angler, the Trevally set the tone. Dorado (Mahi-mahi), Barracuda, and Wahoo are all available directly outside the reef for anglers with fly rods of 11-14 wt; Wahoo in the 50-pound class are not uncommon.

    One should not, however, go to Yap just to fish. Among the best-preserved island cultures in the world, the villages and people of Yap are worth the trip alone, and the hard corals and reefs are among the most beautiful I have seen anywhere in the world. If you dive or snorkel, you have a unique experience most people can only dream of.”

    – Rich McIntyre –

    CrystalWood Lodge –

    Rich McIntyre arranges fly fishing trips around the world. You can book fly fishing in Yap as well as other trips by contacting Rich directly.


    At Yap Anglers, we use the finest equipment we know of. Our boats are custom designed for comfort and ease of fishing. We have high rails in the front and rear of our whipping boat to enable our guests to lean into the cast and still maintain their balance. All of our boats have fixed tops providing plenty of shade. All have twin engines and all carry radios, first aid kits, and emergency kits.

    The same is true for our fishing gear. For whipping, we use Penn 850 spinning reels with Shakespeare Ugly Sticks for rods. We have 10 foot, 8 foot, and 7-foot rods. We also use Penn 450’s as well as Shimano TSS-4 spinning reels.

    For trolling, we use 2 Penn International 80 STW’s with Penn IFGA80 trolling rods as well as 2 Penn International 50 TW’s and Shimano Tiagra rods.

    All of our lures are custom-made by Zutt’s Lures of Kailua, Hawaii. Zutt’s lures are sold in the better fishing catalogs and as a personal friend of Bill Acker, Dale Zuttermeister custom builds all of the lures used by Yap Anglers. Our tournament-tested gear assures you every chance of success.

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