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    The Manta Blog

    Here you can keep up-to-date with the latest events, trips, news, and everything else going on at The Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers.

    Cast Your Vote for Manta Ray Bay Resort in the 2025 Scuba Diving Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards!

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on June 27, 2024
    We are thrilled to announce that the 2025 Scuba Diving Magazine Reader's Choice Awards are here, and Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers needs your support! Your vote can help us continue to be recognized as one of the best dive destinations in the world.
    Vote today!
    Voting concludes July 4th, 2024.

    Chris Alexander Wins Our SCUBA Show 2024 7-Nights, 5 Dive Days Raffle!

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on June 21, 2024
    We are thrilled to announce the winner of our raffle for a free 7-night stay with 5 days of 3-tank diving at Manta Ray Bay Resort! Congratulations to Chris Alexander! Despite a minor technical difficulty, the live-streamed raffle on our infinity pool deck in Yap, Micronesia, was a success. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us. Watch the full video of the raffle drawing on our Facebook page!

    Announcing the Live-Stream Raffle Drawing for a Free Stay at Manta Ray Bay Resort!

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on June 19, 2024
    We are excited to announce that the winner of this fantastic prize will be drawn on Friday, June 21st, at 10am Guam Standard Time (Thursday 6/20 at 5pm PDT). The drawing will take place on the deck of our infinity pool on the beautiful island of Yap, Micronesia. Our staff, dressed in traditional Yapese attire, will select the lucky winner.

    Yeeeeeehaaaaaa! 2nd Year Back & Still Going Strong!

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on March 6, 2024
    The crew has been having so much fun at the resort with groups of divers and snorkelers, even a few of our repeat guests have made their way home to Yap in the past couple of months. The mantas have also been excited having their friends back to swim with them. We have had some great manta sightings, from just a couple to more than ten mantas at a time. As we're trying to better ourselves and our resort services, the island seems to be following suit as well, from great internet service to providing ESPN services.

    Phew! What A Year… Our 2023 Recap!

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on December 27, 2023
    In the past year, we have experienced a roller coaster ride, from finally opening in January with two flights a month to getting our first divers from Switzerland to our first snorkelers from the US. We celebrated when the island received a weekly Tuesday flight, which helped with travel movement and resulted in a second weekly flight commencing in April. There are no words to describe how wonderful it is to be able to welcome people back to the island and to have the ability to provide jobs to the community.

    BlackwaterFest 2023: Diving into the Magical Abyss

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on October 14, 2023
    Mantas by day and blackwater by night. As the sun sets over the bay, we embarked on nightly explorations of the seemingly bottomless Yap Trench, a chasm that plumbs over 9,000 meters. Here, we encountered exotic denizens of the deep, creatures seldom glimpsed, in their untouched habitat. This experience transformed our perception of the ocean, unveiling its enigmatic depths.

    MantaFest 2023: “Yeehaw!” It felt great to have our MantaFest family back together again!

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on September 20, 2023
    "Yeehaaa!" The resounding call for MantaFest marked the commencement of our 16th annual event in the idyllic surroundings of Yap, Micronesia. The first week was a harmonious blend of excitement, nostalgia, and eager anticipation for the adventures that awaited. Under the radiant sun and on tranquil waters, our first group of guests embarked on what...

    16TH Annual Mantafest Event & Introducing Our Newest Festival BlackwaterFest

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on May 24, 2023
    MantaFest 2023 We are extremely excited to be open again and have the privilege of welcoming back our friends and making new ones. The excitement just continues to grow with our upcoming 16th annual MantaFest (August 26 – September 9th, 2023) event and being able to have our photo/video pros back home with us along...

    Bill’s Update #19 – “It Feels Good Like I Knew It Would”

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on April 13, 2023
    Last month, I had the privilege of being the dive guide for a wonderful group of divers from the State of Utah. Mac Garrabrants, the owner of The Dive Shop, is a repeat guest and that always makes us feel very special as we know there are a lot of wonderful places in the world for divers to visit. When guests come back multiple times, we know we are doing it right.

    Bill’s Update #18: “We’re Baaaaack!”

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on February 9, 2023
    I would be lying if I were to say to you that it’s been an easy three years. I feel like the captain of a ship that has transited a typhoon for 3 years, but I am safely in port now. I can’t properly express my feelings for how good it is to finally have guests back in the resort, guests on dive boats, and most importantly staff back at work.

    United Starting Twice-Weekly Flights in April 2023!

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on January 3, 2023
    EXCITING NEWS! Starting in April 2023, United will offer twice-weekly flights between Guam and Yap! The flights will be on Tuesdays & Saturdays. Flights (Tentative as of 12/31/2022) Departs Arrives Guam (GUM) Yap (YAP) - UA185 Tuesday @ 23:35 Wednesday @ 01:10 Guam (GUM) Yap (YAP) - UA185 Saturday @ 23:35 Saturday @ 01:10 Yap...

    PMA WEEKLY Flight Service Schedule Update — now Tuesday/Wednesday

    Posted by Manta Ray Bay Resort on November 21, 2022
    Starting November 22, PMA has switched its weekly flights between Yap and Palau from Friday/Saturday to Tuesday/Wednesday. The NEW Tuesday/Wednesday schedule will connect with the Tuesday night flight to Manila or Guam, making it even easier to get to/from Yap! PMA (, our local airline serving Yap’s Outer Islands for over 40 years, flies between Yap...
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