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    Manta Ray IDs

    Yap Manta-Ray Identification

    This Manta Ray ID Database is a joint project with Manta Trust, Micronesia Conservation Coalition, and Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers.

    Submit your manta belly shots!

    Email an image and the closest location, date, and time it was taken, to

    Blaze – Adult Male
    Angle – Adult Male
    Arrow – Adult Male
    Babe – Adult Female
    Barefoot – Juvenile Male
    Becca – Adult Female
    Blackbeard – Adult Male
    Bridget – Adult Female
    Charmer – Transitional Male
    Chicken – Adult Male
    Comet – Adult Male
    Dasher – Adult Male
    Dotcom – Adult Male
    Danja – Adult Male
    Dottie – Adult Female
    Fumiko – Adult Male
    Gabe – Juvenile Male
    Hi-Ray – Adult Female
    Hook – Adult Male
    Khan – Adult Male
    Kim – Adult Female
    Lonestar – Adult Female
    Longhorn – Juvenile Male
    Mariposa – Adult Male
    Mister – Transitional Male
    Nicki – Adult Female
    Newbie – Juvenile Male
    Munzinger – Adult Female
    Notches – Adult Female
    Outlaw – Juvenile Male
    Onetimer – Adult Male
    Peace – Adult Male
    Phoenix – Adult Female
    Quadrum – Adult Male
    Queenie – Adult Female
    Rose – Adult Female
    Striker – Adult Male
    Shorty – Juvenile Male
    Teaser – Adult Male
    SlopyJoe – Adult Male
    Tutu – Adult Male
    Van – Adult Male
    Threestep – Adult Male
    Vikki – Adult Female
    Voyteck – Adult Male
    Victor – Adult Male
    Whitie – Adult Male
    Wicker – Adult Male
    Wilie – Adult Male
    Westly – Adult Male
    Wolfgang – Adult Male
    1-800-DIVE-YAP (1-800-348-3927)