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Micronesia is NOW open to tourism! We are OPEN!!

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    Welcome to Yap

    Welcome to Yap
    Welcome to Yap
    Exclusive Diving at Its Finest

    - Exclusive Diving at its Finest -


    Why Manta Ray Bay Resort?

    Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers is a small, family-owned, luxury hotel on the pristine island of Yap in the western Pacific Ocean – operating since 1986.

    Serving only 1,000 divers a year, we offer our guests crowd-free dive sites and VIP service, spa treatments, home brewed beer and a unique bar/dining experience onboard our 100+ year old Indonesian Schooner, The Mnuw, moored in front of our resort.

    More About Our Resort

    Manta Rays & Much More

    Yap has a resident population of manta rays and several shallow cleaning stations where divers can see mantas year-round. And, Yap is more than just mantas! We have great blue water diving, shark diving, wall diving, critter diving, black water diving and large schools of big game fish!

    More about World-class diving in Yap

    Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Award 2024
    Named the Best Overall Dive Resort in the Pacific & Indian Ocean
    Manta Ray Bay Resort was also named one of the Best Dive Resorts in Scuba Diving’s 2024 Readers Choice Awards for: Quality of the Resort, Quality of the Rooms, Quality of the Restaurant, Quality of Staff and Value of Restaurant.
    We are open! All COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

    Accommodations, Amenities & Services

    Stay / Dive

    7 night stay
    5 days of Diving
    Starting at $1,799 (USD)

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    The Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers is located on the pristine island of Yap in Micronesia. Yap is located at the tail-end of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean; south-west of Guam, south of Japan, east of the Philippines, and north of Indonesia.

    Getting Here

    Getting to Yap can be tricky. Visit our Getting to Yap page for information on how to get here from anywhere on the globe. Or, Ask Bill! for flight help!

    Getting Here >> Ask Bill!

    Bill Acker & family

    Bill Acker, founder of the Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Divers is proud to share his love of Yap and diving with guests from all over the world. A resident of Yap for almost 30 years, Bill is eminently qualified to make your Micronesian dive experience one that you’ll never forget.

    Learn more about Bill Acker & Family

    Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Award 2024
    International SCUBA Diving Hall of Fame
    Paid 5-star Dive Center
    CGA Grade E Breathing Air

    I had a fantastic time!

    It was a pleasure staying at the Manta Ray Resort. I had a fantastic time. The best part was the people of Yap. They are very warm and friendly. Your dive crew was great. I do not dive, but snorkel. I had the opportunity to swim with Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, black tip sharks,...
    - Trudie
    BlackwaterFest Logo - colorful fish illustration in black diamond

    Join us for BlackwaterFest 2024!

    September 7 through September 15, 2024, Yap, Micronesia

    Dive into the depths of the Pacific Ocean at BlackwaterFest in Yap, Micronesia. Witness the enigmatic wonders of the deep as you explore the Yap Trench, home to rare creatures rarely seen by human eyes. By day, swim with majestic manta rays, and by night, embark on thrilling blackwater dives, venturing where few have gone before. Learn from renowned photo pros, perfect your underwater photography skills, and savor the magic of the ocean’s dark secrets. Join us for an unforgettable, educational, and transformative diving experience like no other.

    Learn more on our BlackwaterFest 2024 page!

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