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    Yap & Palau

    Yap, Micronesia. Photo: Andy Schumacher
    Rock Island, Palau. Photo: Tim Rock

    Yap & Palau

    Experience the best diving in the region.

    7 nights / 15 dives in Yap
    7 nights / 13 dives in Palau

    Yap + Palau

    14 Nights / 28 Dives

    Starting at $3,069
    per-person double-occupancy

    The Best of Micronesia

    Enjoy a week in each destination experiencing the best diving in the region…
    Start with 7 nights / 13 dives in Palau and transitioning to 7 nights / 15 dives in Yap for an adventure-packed two weeks.

    In Palau, choose from an array of accommodations ranging from budget to ultra-luxurious.

    Then, in Yap, take your pick of our Standard, Ocean View or Deluxe Ocean View rooms.

    1 Trip, 2 Islands, 100+ Dive Sites

    • Guaranteed Big Animals
    • Year-Round Diving
    • Shark and Manta Sanctuaries
    • Personal Group Service
    • 14 nights / 28 dives
    • Shark dives
    • Manta Ray dives
    • Wreck dives
    • Island culture
    • FREE Travel Assistance

    Ask Bill! about our special group deals!

    Why combine Yap & Palau?

    These two famous island destinations are separate nations yet less than 300 miles apart in the western Pacific Ocean. While beautiful and tropical, they share different cultures, languages and topographies. By combining Yap and Palau, you get two Micronesian experiences above and below the sea for an amazing price. It makes a lot of sense to combine these. Bill Acker often tells customers that “certainly, two weeks in Yap would be a wonderful vacation as would two weeks in Palau but a week in each is even better”.

    The historical ties between Yap and Palau go way back. Probably the most well-known connection is the Yapese famous stone money. These huge disks were quarried in Palau. It was then carried to Yap across open sea on traditional outrigger canoes. Friendship between the two islands is, and always has been, strong even though the cultural differences are what make each unique.

    Photos courtesey of Tim Rock

    TIM ROCK specializes in the imagery of the marine world and is a publisher, author, photographer and owner of a photo gallery on Guam in the western Pacific. He shoots both video and stills and has done work with National Geographic and other major media companies worldwide. He has authored numerous books about Yap and Palau and visits these islands often. His work can be found on

    See more of Tim Rock’s Yap photos in Tim Rock’s Pro Photo Gallery here on our website.

    Two Micronesian Islands – Two Different Experiences

    Pre-COVID-19, Palau had over 80,000 tourist arrivals per year, while smaller Yap welcomed around 1,000.

    In Palau, accommodation providers do not operate their own dive shops. All offer complete hotel/dive packages. Rest assured that we work with the finest dive operators in Palau. Our partners will pick you up from your accommodation and bring you to the dive shop where you can get ready to hop on the dive boat.

    In Yap, it works differently. The Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers was built by divers for divers and we are a dedicated dive resort. You’re never more than a short walk from your room to your dive boat.

    Single Point-of-Contact

    By letting us take care of the Palau part of your dive trip, you will have one point of contact and a true one-stop-shopping solution. Organizing and booking all your needs on both Yap and Palau, as well as the flights to/from/between the islands, you are in good hands with us.

    Start Your Yap + Palau Experience

    How to connect Micronesia’s two best dive destinations?

    Pacific Mission Aviation (PMA) has recently acquired two Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft. Based in Yap, they help PMA’s important missionary work and improve the medical evacuations for those in remote outer islands. The spinoff for the tourism sector is that PMA also operates scheduled and charter flights between the two countries with their new planes. This is barely an hour flight and, by far, the cheapest and most direct way to get to Yap from Palau and vice-versa. Combining Yap and Palau has never been more convenient.

    On Palau – Land-based dive shop versus live-aboard?

    Due to the size of the archipelago and the locations of the favorite dive sites, Palau requires boat rides from the main population center of Koror. There are several liveaboard options available in Palau and these ship anchor much closer to the main sites. The advantage of choosing a liveaboard is shorter boat rides and normally more dives per day. We have partnered with all the liveaboards in Palau, so if you prefer the Palau portion of your dive vacation to be on a liveaboard, we’ll take care of it from A to Z. You just tell us what you like to do, and we’ll make it happen.

    1-800-DIVE-YAP (1-800-348-3927)