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    Dive Sites

    With almost 100 miles of the barrier reef, several big channels, and lagoon sites, there is one of everything here to explore.
    Use the Site List to learn more abount a particular dive site.

    Goofnuw Mini Wall

    This Goofnuw Mini Wall is located on the south side of the Goofnuw channel which extends much further out than the north side. It is generally done as a drift into the channel with the incoming tide.

    Kurrekurredutt Dropoff

    This area on the western side of the island is still largely unexplored. Kurrekurredutt Dropoff wasn’t dived until 1998. There are still areas here that you might be the first diver to visit. If you have the opportunity to do one of those discovery dives, you get to name the dive site.

    Lighthouse Pass

    Usually a drift dive following the tidal current coming into Peelaek Entrance. The coral wall and shelves here are fissured with many small holes, chimneys, swim-throughs & crevices. This channel provided access to a Japanese Lighthouse during the war.

    Lionfish Wall

    This vertical wall forms the extreme southern tip of the fringing reef which surrounds Yap. It juts out into blue water and is washed by currents flowing past the island. Because of the steady flow of nutrients, the coral and fish populations are particularly lush.

    Magic Kingdom

    A gradually sloping reef. This site was considered as one of Micronesia’s most beautiful diving jewels until a typhoon in November of 1992 inflicted heavy damage to the beautiful and lush corals.

    Manta Ridge

    A 30 ft. (9 M) coral ridge across Mi’l Channel. This intensifies the tidal current, thereby creating an easy cleaning station for the Mantas. As many as thirty Mantas have been sighted from this ridge at one time.

    Mi’l Channel

    Channel with sandy coral rubble bottom and vertical coral walls. Currents here require caution since they may be barely perceptible at slack tide and then rip to as much as 4 mph (6 km/h) during tide changes.

    Millennium Gardens

    A series of terraces with an abundance of pristine hard corals offering an amazing variety in shape, form, and color. The landscape is interspersed with dive throughs and crevices, some of which open up into small caves.

    O’keefe’s Passage

    Extending almost 2 miles from the ocean to the docks of Colonia, this sandy-bottomed ship channel has several areas worth diving. A drift in along the southern side of the channel sweeps divers through many fish.

    Paaw Reef

    The north section of the reef consists of a gentle coral slope that extends to an abrupt drop-off that starts at about 70 ft. (22 M) The south portion of the reef has a large shelf of the flat sandy bottom at about 65 ft. (20 M)

    Pealak Corner

    Following the edge of the plateau at about 60 ft. (18 M) allows you to overlook a large sandy plain. Looking up, you may see schools of reef fish; looking down, you may see sharks and stingrays on the sandy ocean bottom.

    Rainbow Reef

    Inshore reef, located in front of O’ Keefe’s Island. The “balconies“ of stag horn corals are home to the biggest population of Mandarin fishes in Yap, which makes it a photographers’ favorite during the mating time in the evening hours.
    1-800-DIVE-YAP (1-800-348-3927)