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    Posted by on February 10, 2020

    Staff Spotlight: Lee

    For those of you who have stayed/dived with us, Lee is the first Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers team member you’ll meet after having cleared Immigration and Customs. She is always in the “Welcome to Yap”-mode and her friendly smile let’s you forget it’s 2:30 in the morning when you arrive.

    Lee, or Jenesha L. Tun, was born on November 26th, 1994 on Yap and grew up in the village of Wanyan, part of the Gagil municipality. With an older brother and sister, she’s the youngest among her siblings.

    When Lee graduated 8th grade, she went to North Carolina for a better education. She lived with her uncle and aunt for four years. After finishing high school, Lee attended Fayetteville Technical Community College, studying criminal justice latent evidence.

    Being a real island girl, she missed her native Yap so much that she decided to stop her studies after just 1 year and returned to Yap. Once back on island, she became very active in the local Youth Council and has become a very vocal advocate for higher learning for Yap’s youth.

    Besides welcoming our guests at the airport, you’ll see her in the Concierge department being a tour guide for the various tours that we offer. Time allowing, she will also join our divers on the boat as she is a certified diver. When following our FB-page you might have noticed that Lee is also a contributor for our postings about all the adventures, tours, culture and history youcann experience in Yap.

    When not working, Lee enjoys cooking and eating, swimming, snorkeling as well as writing. Becoming a novelist is her big dream.

    What does she like about her job? Obviously meeting new people, telling everyone about her beautiful and unique island while working in an environment that stimulates her to grow.

    Knowing that her dad is the associate chief justice of Yap State, it’s not a surprise that she initially studied criminal justice, but the fact that her mom used to work as a marketing manager for the Yap tourist office helps explain why she loves her job so much as well as why her favorite motto is, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work day in your life” (Confucius).

    For those that haven’t visited/dived with us yet, it’s about time. Lee is waiting for you at the airport.

    1-800-DIVE-YAP (1-800-348-3927)