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    Posted by on October 30, 2009

    Orca Update

    The week after we had two more fantastic encounters with these 4 animals. Being smart as they are, they seem to become more familiar with the boat and these strange humans in rubber suits watching them from every angle possible. Everytime the encounters took place between the South-East part and the South tip of the island. Sometimes we would meet 3 of them as one of the adults was off hunting or doing whatever it felt necessary to do.
    In addition to the Orcas, we had this pod of roughly 100 spinner dolphins again showing up between Manta Ray Bay Resort and the south tip of the island. While this species of dolphin is not really inquisitive, I had a few chances to photograph them.

    Orca Update #2:
    The Orcas (and the spinners) are still around, and despite of the rough sea we had another great meeting with these gentle giants. Actually this was the fifth day with Orcas. Judging from what fishermen told us, they are already here for almost six weeks now. New citizens of Yap? Conditions seem to become harsh, but on the other hand the four whales became really playful. Actually they were coming so close to the boat that we all got wet from the splashing of their black & white fins. More than once. I guess a certain small group from Switzerland was quite happy that day! Unfortunately, under the surface we were embraced by lack of contrast due to the cloudy weather and the waves swallowing the last beams of light. That truly was a drag because the whales would even come our way, swam upside down and showed a natural behavior that clearly underlined they did not feel uncomfortable at all. Maybe it should have been us who should have felt uncomfortable sharing the water with predators that outgrow a great white shark?! Anyway, I still hope they stay around until conditions improve. And as much as Yap is not your average whale destination – we DO have a resident group of pilot whales though – it is not the first time we had Orcas. If we could only speak Whale!

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