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    Diving in Micronesia

    Welcome to our Micronesia dive and travel planner where you can learn about the diving experiences across Micronesia and the best way to travel these islands.

    What Divers Should Know About Micronesia

    “Micronesia” is an area in the North Pacific that includes thousands of islands with some of the world’s best diving. The Micronesia region includes the Federated States of Micronesia, the Caroline Islands as well as Guam, which is part of the Northern Marianas Islands, and Palau.

    Micronesian islands are among the least traveled in the entire world and scuba diving accounts for most of the tourism throughout the region. An interesting fact about Yap is that 100% of its waters is privately owned by local village clans, which makes exploring it even more interesting.

    The Islands of Micronesia

    This diving region is nearly 3 million square miles of Northern Pacific Ocean, has three different countries, and comprised of several thousand islands and islets – surprisingly the total landmass of Micronesia collectively is no larger than the city of Los Angeles. The Republic of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, and Guam, part of the Northern Marianas island chain are the three countries that visitors must travel to dive anywhere in Micronesia.

    • Palau
    • Yap
    • Chuuk
    • Pohnpei
    • Kosrae
    • Guam

    Diving Micronesia

    Micronesia offers divers some of the world’s best underwater experiences that include vibrant coral reef environments, marine parks rich with manta rays, sharks, and fish as well as historic shipwrecks.

    Micronesia diving boasts some of the most popular and iconic dive sites in the world – Blue Corner in Palau, Vertigo in Yap, and the San Francisco Maru in Chuuk Lagoon are just a few examples – these islands offer some of the most diverse warm-water diving in a single region.

    World-Class Dive Sites

    Micronesia offers divers several of the most popular dive sites and wreck dives in the world. The world’s first shark and manta ray sanctuaries were created in Micronesia which today boasts world-renowned big animal diving. Unique dive experiences from iconic to adventurous exist for the few travelers that visit this region. The world’s most consistent manta ray diving is happening in Micronesia. Diversity of Diving Experiences

    Palau, Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, and Guam islands all have environments that offer divers and travelers something to suit any dive preference and training level. Everything Micronesia diving is known for can be seen using recreational dive training and equipment plus there are spectacular opportunities for technical divers.

    Traveling Micronesia

    This is where some local help really pays off, island hopping in Micronesia is almost exclusively one carrier with Guam at the center of the routes. Getting to Micronesia is a long haul for most, combining two islands is the best way to travel the region. Getting the inside on your travel options takes knowing the local routes, days, and departure times… we offer free travel assistance for all of Micronesia.

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